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Arie de Bruin - Preidel


Arjan van Heteren


In the year 2000  Preidel B.V. was one of the first companies that was able to sublimate on hard materials.

Because of the many different types of materials, it is sometimes hard to figure which one to use.

In the beginning of 2015 Preidel B.V. decided to quit producing the sublimation materials to start to research and develop newer and better use coatings and inks and ways to use them.


As we speak we are still developing and testing the new coatings and inks, based on our current results we guarantee our product for 10 years.

Until the final test results are finished we can’t submit them for a certification.

The purpose of our research for new coatings and ink’s is based on reducing the risks of  the colour fading over the years.  

Due to the good results of the tests Preidel B.V. has decided to start a second company called RTS-Preidel.

One of the first projects delivered is the cycling tunnel near Bunnik in The Netherlands.

When the time comes we hope to start a website / shop / store to make our innovation available for the public.




RTS-Preidel hopes to deliver a new product every year.

If you want to know more or be kept up to date with our latest innovations please press the E-mail button on the bottom beneath the website and fill in your information.

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