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RTS-Akoestisch felt

The sound-absorbing, mechanical powerhouse

Stylish due to its variety and possibilities.

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The sound insulation and absorption of spaces is the center of attention.


The reverberation time is usually shortened to improve acoustics.


The RTS acoustic panel ensures optimum absorption and is easy to process.


The total system consists of the RTS-acoustic (full-color) plate that is applied to a wall filled with absorption filling.

The absorption materials ensure that the disturbing reflection is prevented and the reverberation time is regulated.
Product description / versions:

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RTS Acoustic felt is available in 4 versions:


Standard solid plate:

The standard plate is supplied in 30 uni-colors


The plate is made from 100% recycled PET bottles without chemical binders or raw materials.


280 PET bottles are processed for the manufacture of 1 sheet.

Acoustic full color.
We can provide this in the basic white plate with any digital image.


The image can be projected to full size.


Contour cutting of the image is one of the extra options.


Acoustic 3D edited.

Thanks to a special technique we can give the felt a "3D" depth effect.


In our design center we can determine the shape that is suitable for the 3D effect, keeping in mind that the acoustic absorption is maintained as much as possible.


Standard pattern format 600 x 600 / or 1200 x 2400 mm
RTS: flexible in design in both 2D and 3D forms by:
• Own design and design center
• Form internal production of "2 and 3D"
• Internal production of all felt treatments.


Acoustic 3D formed.

If you want more "body", we offer the possibility to press the felt into shape.


The absorption value is thereby slightly reduced, but it can be absorbed quite well by placing a filling in the cavity of the mold.


In addition to the standard models, the thickness and size can be custom made.


Get informed about the possibilities.


What are we doing:


You only want to order plates in any version, then you are at the right place.


You can have your project handled by RTS-preidel.


Are you interested in becoming a dealer: contact us about the possibilities.





The RTS acoustic panel can be used as a ceiling plate and wall plate.


The RTS acoustic felt plate can be glued with mounting kit against walls.


Mechanical assembly by means of stapling or nailing is also possible.

*Test waarden enkele plaat zonder spouwvulling.


To achieve a higher absorption value, the plate is normally mounted on a frame with a maximum line spacing of 600 mm.

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The cavity is then filled with polyester wool to further increase the absorption value.


The RTS acoustic plate increases acoustic comfort, even in busy areas.


The plate can be used in almost any environment, from offices, hospitals, educational institutions, public buildings, catering auditoria, care centers, etc.


In addition to the excellent absorption properties, the plates have good mechanical strength (impact resistance) and no fibers are released during processing that could cause irritation.



Dimensions: (HxWxD) 2,440 x 1,220 x 9 mm (tolerance approx. +/- 5 mm)

Maximum dimensions 2240 x 3660 x 25 mm, different thicknesses and colors on request.


Colors: 30 basic colors through and through, full-color felt: infinite


Material: 100% (recycled) PET fibers.


Other: 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, flame-retardant class B (EN 13501-1)


Rot resistant, insensitive to dust mites, fungi.


Contains no chemical agents, maximum sound absorption, UV resistant.

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